InstructorCaroll Sims
TypeOnsite Course
DateAug 13, 2022 - Aug 13, 2022
Time10.00am - 2.00pm
Place277, Glenferrie Road Malvern Vic 3144.
Price$130$78 Ends 31/8/2022

Understanding the Spiritual Level of Your Well-being and Self-awareness

A powerful, one-day course designed to help you understand your spiritual journey, explore our infinite energies, connect with past lives, and enhance your abilities to channel the endless possibilities your life holds.

Everything you see, feel, do, touch, or experience is centered in energy.  From the metaphysical to the scientific, the emotional to the spiritual, and everything in between – energy is the driving force and consistent voice throughout it all.  As humans, we are inherently made of energy based in light and love.  Within each of us is the capacity to harness and unleash this energy in order to direct our personal journeys and write the script of our lives.  By understanding the energies and spirituality that powers our daily lives, we can harness the power of free will and metaphysical reality in order to live a life that is filled with happiness, peace, joy, comfort, and love. This one-day workshop serves as a powerful catalyst on your pathway to personal development and spiritual enlightenment. In this course, we provide you with an introduction into ISET and prepare you for your potential pathway towards self-empowerment. Included in your registration is a detailed and transformative workbook designed to guide your journey and help you begin the work of understanding your spiritual being and setting you on the path towards lasting self-awareness and wellness.

Section 1Understanding your Spiritual Journey
Section 2Metaphysical Reality
Section 3Channelling
Section 4Guides
Section 5Connecting to Past Lives
Section 6Protection