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About ISET Institute

Welcome to ISET Institute…

Formed in 2004 with a mission to promote personal growth, empowerment, and health, the Integrated Self-Empowerment Therapy Institute was established to help individuals build on their personal pathway to healing.  Utilizing a unique and powerful therapeutic approach to healing, ISET has been helping individuals on their journey of self-discovery, personal power, and responsibility for inner healing.  Throughout the years, several incredible leaders have navigated the growth and development of ISET, and under the guidance of each of these powerful women, ISET has continued to thrive and impact lives in a lasting and meaningful way.

Eileen Goble was the original heartbeat of ISET.  As the developer and holistic psychotherapist at The Holistic Centre in Melbourne, Australia, Eileen published several books focused on healing through self-awareness, as well as meditation CDs designed to facilitate the process.  Eileen established the foundation for ISET training, and created the pathway for a future institution to be established.

Sadly, Eileen would never get to see the institute she inspired.  Shortly before her passing in 2004, Eileen set plans into motion that would ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the institute for generations to come.  While her physical being might have left this world over sixteen years ago, her spirit, passion, and dedication lives on, and there is comfort in knowing that her energy continues to oversee the institute from above.

In 2019, ISET Institute was passed on to Caroll Sims.  One of Eileen’s original students, Caroll was among those in the first ISET trainings, and was uniquely qualified to continue to push the work into the future, while honouring the spirit of the past.  Caroll is committed to continual training and personal growth to ensure the work of her predecessors continues to move forward.  Having developed several new courses and pathways based on her personal understanding and processes, and continues to move the organization into the future with her intuitive awareness and dedication.