InstructorCaroll Sims
TypeOnsite Course
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Journey to Create Wellness – Certificate

Embracing and enhancing ISET techniques to find healing in a sea of unresolved negative
motions and put a halt to their destructive nature.

Every life is destined to experience sadness, conflict, and trauma at some point. From childhood memories to high-impact negative events later in life, these moments can lead to a host of physical, spiritual, and emotional health problems that can derail our life plans and dreams. The destructive nature of unresolved negative emotions has been linked to heart problems, mental health complications, depression, anxiety, headaches, and more – and without addressing the original cause of the damage. While many individuals living with unresolved negative emotions or events often experiences regular emotional triggers, it is the persistent shift in mindset that can cause the most lasting damage. Trauma can replace healthy and productive mindsets with self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, fluctuations in weight, and emotional detachment to name a few.


Section 1Understanding Create Wellness
Section 2Mediation Therapy – Guidance
Section 3The Power of Language for change
Section 4Integrated ISET Applications (Hiero-Kinesymmetry):
Section 5Final Assessment