Caroll Sims, CEO and Senior Trainer of Integrated Self-Empowerment Therapy Institute, has been helping others rekindle their sense of wonder and discover their power through the dynamic therapeutic approach of ISET for nearly twenty years. A skilled trainer, intuitive healer, and natural leader, Caroll was handpicked as the successor for the ISET Institute in 2020. Having helped many on their pathway to a brighter and happier life throughout the years, Caroll cherished the opportunity to promote growth and development throughout the ISET Institute – launching the organization into the new decade with commitment, fervour, and dedication. Throughout her thirty-year career, Caroll has touched the lives of thousands of individuals – instilling within them a sense of hope, power, and healing. Having started writing several books throughout her career, Caroll has a deep passion for the art of communication and connection. A skilled leader and a natural listener, the move to CEO and a Trainer at the ISET Institute was both serendipitous and strategic. Outside of her professional pursuits, Caroll enjoys volunteering her time with a variety of organizations seeking support and consultation. In addition to writing novels and poetry in her spare time, Caroll enjoys developing new growth opportunities through the ISET Institute, as well as her personal work as a certified life coach.