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Yes, we do! ISET Team can arrange a payment plan for you with the required dates and information for payment. For direct debit process, we required you to complete a Direct Debit form with the required details. ISET Team are happy to assist you with the relevant information and assist with this process.

Yes, you can get a refund. There is a process that we follow and first step is communicating with the Trainer or ISET Team. A form will need to be fill out to receive the refund. A partial payment is made to hold your seat and the is not refundable unless the CEO has authorised it.

Yes we do! There is cost to for the process. The Trainer/Assessor will discuss with you what is required in evidence for RPL or CT and how to complete RPL or CT documents.

Yes, they are: We are accredited with: The Australian Holistic Healers (AHHA) www.ahhca.org and International Institute for Complementary Therapist (IICT) www.myiict.com

First day of Training the student/Participate will receive all of the relevant contact details to contact the Trainer or ISET Team.

On our website you will find the details of ISET Team to contact. www.isetinstute.com/contactus or info@isetinstitute.com or phone: 0452 400 134.

It would depend on the Course level, as we have beginners to expect levels. The ISET Team are more than happy to assist you with your enquire info@isetinstitute.com, www.isetinstute.com/contactus or phone: 0452 400 134.

We ask all of our students/participates to complete a LLN form to determine if you need any extra mentoring from the Trainer or support from ISET Team.