InstructorCaroll Sims
TypeOnline Course
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Advanced Practitioner of ISET Therapy

The next step in your journey to fostering health, healing, and holistic growth in others

To understand and experience the truly awesome power of ISET, one must be willing to fully surrender themselves to the endless possibility and inherent healing capacity that resides within all of us.  For those who are ready to take the next step in their ISET training, we are pleased to offer the Advanced Practitioner of ISET Therapy.  As a step beyond the Certificate in ISET Therapy, this a Practitioner program takes you on a journey that enhances your understanding of the therapeutic framework of ISET, including but not limited to exploring the healing properties of colour, flower essences, and how to effectively use essential oils to promote therapeutic healing. During this course, you will be given a thorough overview of the body systems and how to embrace all facets of ISET Therapy to promote spiritual, mental, and physical wellness while establishing and running a professional practice. Beyond the opportunity to expand your own spirituality, emotional enlightenment, and personal satisfaction in life, this course will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and expertise that can provide true healing and growth in others.  You will develop your personal skills as a therapist, guidance to help you build a successful practice, and imbue a robust sense of confidence in your healing abilities.  Whether you are interested in becoming a therapist practitioner or are an existing practitioner interested in enhancing your current skills and adding additional modality to your practice, this modern and expansive course will give you to knowledge and tools you need to run your own successful ISET therapy business.

Alongside your monitor-trainer, you will receive the guidance and support you need to create success.  Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to practice as an ISET Therapist Practitioner within your specific focus, helping you to create a strong, powerful, and spiritual career path that can change the lives of many others.


Section 1Introduction to ISET Therapy:
Section 2Metaphysical Energy Healing:
Section 3Integrated ISET Applications (Hiero-Kinesymmetry)
Section 4Channelling for Growth:
Section 5Connecting and understanding Spiritual Guidance
Section 6Understanding Past Life Connections & Regression
Section 7Holistic modalities understanding
Section 8Integrate Counselling, Psychology & Life Coaching other Techniques
Section 9Healing Properties for therapeutic purposes:
Section 10Business Concepts
Section 11The Holistic Body
Section 12Clinical Practice with work experience
Section 13First Aid & Mental Health first aid certificate
Section 14Finial Assessments