InstructorCaroll Sims
TypeOnsite Course
Certificate% of quiz marks
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Certificate of ISET Methodology

Creating and fostering spiritual and holistic healing for clients through ISET.

From Reiki practitioners to massage therapists, reflexologists to kinesiologist, or psychiatrist to life coaches – the art of healing is a sacred and revered calling. Throughout the wide array of physical and/or energetic healers or practitioners, one mission unifies us all: Create lasting, positive, and meaningful change for our clients and community. This course introduces the ISET methodology, designed to complement your current practice and create new pathways to healing for your clients (and yourself). ISET utilizes guided meditation, as well as the language of the mind, to alter negative thought patterns and beliefs. ISET creates a space of healing designed to alleviate the impact of pervasive trauma, blocks, and/or pain, all while fostering a mindset designed to empower and inspire. During this course, you will investigate the three levels of consciousness, understand the power of imagery, unleash the energy of thought, connect with past lives and experiences, and start your pathway to developing and using your own intuitive abilities to enhance your life and heal your clients. At the end of this course, you will be certified in ISET Methodology and have a full understanding of how to incorporate this approach into your own modality.
ISET uses a language of the mind through guided medication and visual imagery techniques to change negative e belief systems, and learned behavior pattern that may have created illness, emotional disturbance and life fulfillment frustrations.





Section 1Power of the Mind
Section 2The use of Images
Section 3Understanding the Power of Thought
Section 4Channelling Practical Experience
Section 5Past Life Connections
Section 6Integrated ISET Applications (Hiero-Kinesymmetry)
Section 7Finial Assessment