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4 Jun 2016

Course Registration

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The Registration process starts once you have selected your desired course/s.

Three options to register:

  • Clicking the on the icon (Register) at the top of the website on the main page, which will direct you to registration form to fill out all required details.


  • Clicking on the selected course/s, then click on the icon (book) it will direct you to the registration form to fill out and then add to your calendar.


  • Register Now – Filling out the information

If you are unable to register, contact the team on email info@isetinstitute.com or phone 0411 174 943.

Once you have registered and paid for the course, either in full or a deposit.

You will be enrolled in your desired course/s and then the ISET team will send you an email with all the relevant details and documents.

*Payment plans will have dates on direct debit payments or what you have arranged with the team.

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