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1 Jun 2016


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The Growth of Change

Unlocking your personal growth potential in times of discomfort, uncertainty, and change.


Change is hard.

As humans, we seek and covet a life that is bereft of change.  Scientific studies have shown that the stress of change can be as physically detrimental to our bodies as lack of exercise, poor diet, and even smoking.  The physical stress of change drives many individuals to remain in unhappy, unsafe, or uncomfortable situations for extended periods of time – simply to avoid the pain of change.  Even the happiest change, such as the birth of a child or relocating to accept a new job, can cause vast sums of stress, frustration, and fear.

However, with each change comes an opportunity for growth.  The human body and spirit is uniquely designed to withstand an incredible amount of change.  Throughout millennia, humans have grown and adapted to the changes in their environment, however, our minds have desperately held onto the survival minded reptilian portion of our psyche designed to protect us from stress and danger.   This inherent mental desire to avoid change and maintain the status-quo can become paralyzing, however, as the fear of discomfort can prevent us from receiving all of the many gifts that come with change, not the least of which is personal growth.

Change, which often stressful, is one of the most beautiful gifts the universe can give us.  While overwhelming, sad, scary, or frustrating at first, by opening ourselves up to the magic of change, we are able to receive the benefit of incredible personal growth that would not have been possible had it not been for the discomfort we had been experiencing.  The growth that often accompanies change can be subtle, but with each change comes an opportunity for self-exploration, reflection, and development.  However, by resisting change and denying the opportunity, our personal growth can be stunted and cause long-term personal struggles that can inhibit our true enjoyment in life.

The reality is that change will change us; the question is whether or not we will grow by embracing the change, of if we will become paralyzed by it.  Change can be scary and stressful, but the results can direct us to a stronger, happier, and more fulfilling life – if we allow it to let us grow alongside it.

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